Work begins on the construction of The Isabella Apartments in Lewisham town centre, designed by Timothy Associates.

The 28 unit block of apartments designed by Timothy Associates, will contribute to Lewisham’s Affordable Housing Programme through Hexagon Housing Association.

Considerable progress has been made by FS Contracting on site. The old petrol station has now been demolished, underground petrol tanks have been removed, and the site is now decontaminated and level. The foundations and construction of the building envelope is due to start imminently.

The Isabella Apartments building reorganises the relationships and open space between the existing Victorian terrace on Lewisham Road and the new Premier Inn Hotel, while at the same time giving architectural form to the medium-scale urban qualities of the site. The design provides a mix of 8 one-bedroom apartments, 16 two-bedroom apartments and 4 three-bedroom apartments. The ground floor retail accommodation will form a new entrance and reception location on Lewisham Road. All of the apartments have generous balconies and/or private roof terraces.

The design exploits the possibilities of the site with the greatest urban impact, facing Lewisham Road and Granville Park, while at the same time supporting the urban relationships of the existing surrounding buildings. In addition, the project will provide an edificial link to the new town centre.

Completion is due to take place in 2017.