Lewisham Premier Inn


Lewisham Premier Inn Hotel


Project Type Hotel
Location Lewisham, London
Value £5.3m
Date 2011-2015
Status Completed (2015)
Architect, Landscape: Timothy Associates
Structural Engineer: Glanville Consultants
Cost Consultants: Gardiner & Theobald
Contractor: Anglo Holt Construction/ Gilbert Ash

Timothy Associates designed Lewisham’s first Whitbread PLC hotel. The hotel comprises 60 bedrooms with a ground floor restaurant and bar. The directors of Timothy Associates created this project by personally taking out an Option on the site, and in this way were able to ensure the quality of the development. The site is close to 3 major transport interchanges: the main line railway station, the docklands light railway terminus and the bus station.

The hotel is adjacent to a major new urban regeneration project known as Lewisham Gateway. Lewisham Gateway is a six-year plan to revamp the town centre creating shops, restaurants, leisure facilities, a riverside park and a new town square.which significantly alters traffic systems in the area and includes several high density tall towers with commercial and residential uses.The hotel has created a link with the town centre, enhanced the urban environment, and contributed towards the lively contemporary urban mixed-use environment that was envisioned for the town centre.